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1.01 - Generative Ai for UX/UI Design: Introduction

1.01 - Generative Ai for UX/UI Design: Introduction

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Learn more about Generative Ai tools and how to properly set them up for your design needs. Learn proprietary Ai techniques like Progressive Feeding, Query Quilting, and Ai Frameworks creation. The lesson also includes teachings on how to prepare yourself mentally to maximize the potential of Gen Ai tools and steps for successfully integrating Gen Ai to align with your personal design process and your organization’s specific design team operational structure and business goals.

Class Curriculum:

    • Course Goals
    • Welcome to Generative Ai
    • Resetting Your Mindset
    • Platforms, Versions, & Plugins
    • Conversational Ai Techniques
    • ChatGPT & Midjourney Prompt Engineering Basics
    • Applying to Design Methods
    • Progressive Feeding & Query Quilting
    • Creating Ai Frameworks
    • Integrating Gen Ai
    • The Value of Gen Ai
    • The Magic of Gen Ai
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      Things to Know

      Class Format

      • Classes are live format via video conference.
      • Classes are a mix of presentation and live demos.
      • Class length is approximately 2 hours.
      • Classes are available per individual 1:1 or per organization 1:Many.

      What's Included

      • PDF Download of Deck.
      • Digital Certification.
      • Master Figma Framework file with participation in all four Gen Ai for UX/UI modules.


      • Upon successful completion of this module, participants will be awarded a certification, recognizing an understanding of the subject matter.
      • One certification per participant.


      • A Midjourney License will be necessary post-session to practice. Any plan is sufficient.
      • A ChatGPT Plus subscription will be needed to perform many of the methods that will be taught.


      • We will contact you after checkout to schedule our sessions.
      • Current availability is 1-2 weeks out.
      • Availability is normally between 9am-1pm PST and 4-6pm PST.
      • If a time is needed outside of that, we'll do our best to accommodate.

      Who is This Course For?

      ✅ Independent creative freelancers seeking efficiency gains.
      ✅ Innovative organizations aiming to empower their workforce with AI skills.
      ✅ Entrepreneurs and small business owners eager to level up with AI.
      ✅ Creative directors looking to lead with AI-driven creativity.
      ✅ Graphic designers seeking to enhance their design capabilities with AI.
      ✅ Marketing teams focused on creativity and effective communication.
      ✅ UX/UI designers interested in optimizing user experiences through AI.
      ✅ E-commerce managers aiming to leverage AI for online success.
      ✅ Educators exploring AI for innovative teaching and learning.
      ✅ Professionals across diverse fields looking to tap into AI's creative potential.