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Jon Thai, Hatch Duo

"In our digital transformation journey at Hatch Duo, it was imperative to find a resource that could guide us seamlessly through the intricacies of modern design.

Hector's course at AIxCreative – Intro to Midjourney Basics – was the beacon of clarity we were searching for.

What makes Hector stand out is his unique ability to distill complex prompt techniques into easily digestible concepts. His approach, which blends easy-to-grasp tactics with real-world workflow relevance, made the learning curve much smoother for us. It's rare to find such a combination of depth and simplicity in instruction, and Hector nails it every time.

As we continue to prioritize the growth and education of our team, Hector and AIxCreative will undoubtedly be our go-to. I wholeheartedly recommend Hector's course to anyone looking to elevate their design knowledge in today's digital age."

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Mark Miller, MLR Studios

"I have been working with Hector for a few months now on learning more about using AI in the design process.  He is a wealth of knowledge and a great teacher on the practical and repeatable use of Midjourney and GEN AI for industrial design and product development.

His courses are well-planned out and dynamic; always providing students with the latest information on AI platforms.  He is able to break down very complex concepts succinctly, and explain a process that can make the overwhelming nature of GEN-AI comfortable and digestible.

Personally, I have learned so much from his courses, and have grown into a “power-user” for Midjourney because of them. I highly recommend working with Hector if you are interested in entering this new and exciting field!"

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Bill Stephens, BSD & Lemond Bikes

"It’s not just the workflows and technical expertise which Hector shares in these courses that are practical, it’s the genuine excitement he shares about the value these powerful tools add to the creative process that make them so valuable.  You can’t come away from these discussions not feeling creatively energized, regardless of your area of expertise."

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