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001 - Midjourney Essentials

001 - Midjourney Essentials

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This first class covers the basics of getting up and running. How to set up your tools for efficiency, a walk through of all the features, and most importantly, how to build a prompt. You will set up the foundation for everything downstream. The goal is getting us control.

103 pages of material covered.

Topics include:

  • How To Communicate with Midjourney
  • Discord Interface
  • Why Upscale
  • Image Gallery Control Panel
  • Creation Commands + Admin Commands
  • Describe Feature to Learn the Language
  • Term Mining
  • Below the Prompting Hood
  • Four Prompt Methods
  • IMAGE LCP Prompt Method
  • Parameter Strategy for Control
  • Iteration Features for Exploration
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Things to Know

Class Format

  • Classes are live format via video conference.
  • Classes are a mix of presentation and live demos.
  • Class length is 1:30.
  • Classes are available per individual 1:1 or per organization 1:Many.

What's Included

  • PDF Download of Deck.
  • Digital Certification.


  • Upon successful completion of this module, participants will be awarded a certification, recognizing an understanding of the subject matter.
  • One certification per participant.


  • A Midjourney License will be necessary post-session to practice. Any plan is sufficient.


  • We will contact you after checkout to schedule our sessions.
  • Current availability is 1-2 weeks out.
  • Availability is normally between 9am-1pm PST and 4-6pm PST.
  • If a time is needed outside of that, we'll do our best to accommodate.

Who is This Course For?

✅ Independent creative freelancers seeking efficiency gains.
✅ Innovative organizations aiming to empower their workforce with AI skills.
✅ Entrepreneurs and small business owners eager to level up with AI.
✅ Creative directors looking to lead with AI-driven creativity.
✅ Graphic designers seeking to enhance their design capabilities with AI.
✅ Marketing teams focused on creativity and effective communication.
✅ UX/UI designers interested in optimizing user experiences through AI.
✅ E-commerce managers aiming to leverage AI for online success.
✅ Educators exploring AI for innovative teaching and learning.
✅ Professionals across diverse fields looking to tap into AI's creative potential.