Where to Start with Ai - AIxC: 39

Where to Start with Ai - AIxC: 39

+ Krea Walk-Through Video, The 3 Ai for Design Pillars, AIxC Consulting Calls and Following Design Pros

  • Community: Kickstart Ai Bundle - 3 Days Left (Expired)
  • Strategy: The Three Ai for Design Pillars
  • Strategy: Think Big, Start Small
  • Community: Follow Design Pros Using Ai
  • Community: AIxC Consultation Calls
  • Community: Krea Walk-Through


    01 / COMMUNITY

    Kickstart Ai Bundle. Ai for beginners.

    Getting this out of the way first so it doesn’t get lost in the email. There are 3 days left on the Kickstart Ai Bundle (sorry, this is expired but still a GREAT value, check it out)! If I had to recommend what training to start with, it’d be this bundle hands down. This is one of the best ways to learn ai design.

    You get:

     - Midjourney for Design. A 12 module course that teaches you everything you need to become fluent in Midjourney for Design. Built for and by professional designers.

     - Rapid Viz & Sketching with Ai. A 3 module course to teach you how to utilize Midjourney and other Ai tools for low and mid fidelity visualization, critical for our design processes.

    Shop for our Bundles packages here.


    02 / STRATEGY

    The Three Ai for Design Pillars.

    In my experience, as of today there are three pillars of Ai tools for professional design use:

    1. Production Ai Tools
    2. Exploration Ai Tools
    3. Iteration Ai Tools

    Production Ai tools work like this. “Hey Ai, here is my concept, render it for me please.” These are tools like NewArc, Vizcom, etc. The value proposition is easy to understand with these tools. The use case is easy to understand. It’s also fairly tight in scope.

    Exploration Ai tools work more like this. “Hey Ai, here is my vision and some general guidance, explore this for me and come back with concepts por favor.” Here, we are design directors, the Ai tool is our design team. These are tools like Midjourney, Dall-E, SD, ChatGPT, etc. The value proposition is harder to understand, partly because there are so many potential use cases and because the paradigm shift these tools cause is so drastic, our brains want to block it. The scope can be pretty significant when the right mindset is applied.

    Lastly, Iteration Ai tools play out like this. “Hey Ai, we’re going to work hand-in-hand. When I think of something, you draw it for me and let’s get it.” Here, we are effectively design cyborgs. This is a tool like Krea, where you see real-time results as you prompt. The use cases here are easier to see than Midjourney, but still not as fixed as production tools.

    In my opinion, you need a mix of all three pillars of tools in your tool belt.


    03 / STRATEGY

    Think Big, Start Small.

    Form and CMF Exploration in Midjourney

    “Think big, start small.” I read this online the other day. I wish I would have saved the post, but alas, the general gist will have to do.

    The idea was that if you’re unsure of where to start in regards to Ai, just start small and start moving forward, but just start moving sooner rather than later.

    The post resonated with me as it’s exactly what I think is the right call for individuals and organizations at this point.

    Have time to spare? Sign up to a tool for free (Krea, ChatGPT) or for the cost of a couple of cups of coffee (Midjourney, Vizcom) and just start playing around.

    Busy with projects and tight on time? Take a shortcut by signing up for some classes to get moving faster. Or sign up to something like my AIxC 1 Hour Consultation, where we can go over anything you’d like - tools, workflows, specific use cases, etc to really cut ahead of the line. Let's get in touch!

    Whatever your choice, small actions will lead to big progress.


    04 / COMMUNITY

    Follow Design Professionals Using Ai

    Greg Aper's Rockets, Launching Soon!

    Be on the lookout for professional creatives/designers that have been crushing it for years and are now crushing it even more by embracing Ai.

    Professionals in our fields are the ones that are going to help us cut through the noise. They’re exploring and testing out the tools so that we can draft off of them.

    Take advantage of that. Just make sure you draft off the right people. Again, the ones that have been doing what we do for ages are the ones to focus on.

    People like:

    Arturo Tedeschi for Algorithmic Design
    Tim Fu for Architecture
    Greg Aper 🧑🏻‍🚀 🚀 for UX
    David Clark for Video Storytelling
    Teri Campbell for Food Photography
    Jonathan Thai for Product Dev

    If there are more folks to add to this list, shoot me an email.


    05 / COMMUNITY

    AIxC Consultation Calls

    I have been doing consultation calls for individuals and organizations as of the new year, so it felt right to launch this as more and more folks are reaching out for support.

    Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

    • Have specific issues you want to tackle with Ai?
    • Have questions about a specific Ai tool?
    • Trying to figure out an Ai enhanced workflow?
    • Have a project that’s run into a dead-end?
    • Need to get a game plan together for how to start down the Ai path?
    • Need to better understand the lay of the land of Ai?

    If you can relate, book a consultation session with me to work through these or any other questions you may have to help you cut through the Ai noise. Reach out here and let's get to talking everything ai learning!


    06 / TOOLS

    Krea 101 Walk-Through Video


    As promised, here is a 20 minute walk-through video of what Krea can do for our design workflows. Hope you enjoy!

    And if interested, here is more info on the Krea for Design course.

    As always, thanks for being a part of this community and shoot over any questions you may have!


    p.s. As always it's great to be able to help and get others involved in this ever changing industry! If you're ready to take that next step with us here at AIxCreative check out our ai design courses and bundles here.  


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