What is Krea and Working Late Podcast - AIxC: 37

What is Krea and Working Late Podcast - AIxC: 37

+ A Kickstart Ai Bundle, Calendly, and When Human Outputs Became Ai Inputs

Hello! Here's another reposting from our AIx Creative Newsletter #37. If you'd like to sign up for our newsletter and not miss out you can do so by clicking here: https://daydastudio.substack.com/.

Welcome to the 410 of you that joined since last week and welcome back to those of you that have been a part of this community for the past year. Here’s what’s on deck for today:

  • Press: Working Late Interview
  • Strategy: When Human Outputs Became Valuable Ai Inputs
  • Workflow: So What is Krea? 
  • Community: Kickstart Ai Bundle
  • Community: Calendly 30 Minute Calls

01 / PRESS

Working Late Interview

This past week I sat down with Ray Zavesky and we had a good talk about all things design and Ai. Over the course of an hour, we talked about how I found industrial design, my career path and lots of thoughts on Ai and how it will impact design.

Hope you enjoy it and give Ray a follow over on Linkedin. He’s doing some great work with his Working Late series!


When Human Outputs Became Valuable Ai Inputs

“It took 20 years to make my skills as a 3d cad designer obsolete, but then it happened all at once.” This was a post someone made when sharing one of my Ai posts.

It stuck with me and while out on a walk I realized that while some craft portions of what we do may very well become obsolete, the outcomes, the outputs of our craft, will become more valuable than ever.

Our ability to visualize, to create and innovate, to design — the outputs from those skillsets, are exactly the inputs that give us a significant advantage in the era of Ai.

  • A Sketchbook or paper sketch to feed into NewArc or Vizcom.
  • CMF or aesthetic reference imagery to drive Midjourney results.
  • A CAD file as reference for a Krea exploration.

We’ve spent decades honing the ability to generate creative outputs. Now, those outputs will be the fuel that power the Ai enhanced work that will stand above the rest. Those outputs are very valuable currency.

When creative outputs became valuable inputs… if I write a book, that will be the title… or something along those lines! But for now (let's wait on the book haha) I went ahead and developed some Ai design courses, specifically a Midjourney for Design course that shows you how to use Midjourney and a Krea for Design course which can get you started on Ai design for products and to help you see for yourself exactly how powerful these Ai design tools can be.


So What Is Krea?

I’m finding that the combination of Midjourney and Krea to be really powerful. In the quick session above, the following stood out to me:

  • Midjourney v6 can now do bike saddles. v5.2 couldn't figure it out.
  • Midjourney outputs as Krea inputs makes for a really killer workflow.
  • Krea's real time gen tool is great for form refinement, 24 second mark.
  • Also great for product graphics, 38 second mark.

    The 400+ creatives that joined the newsletter this past week, likely came because of my Linkedin posts about Krea.

    So what is Krea?

    Krea is a web-based, real-time generation tool that allows you to quickly visualize ideas with a combination of prompts, images, screen and live feeds.

    In my experience, it’s the closest thing we’ve had for rapidly visualizing what we have in our mind. We can quickly move forms and see them update in real-time. We can change colors and get an immediate outcome. It feels superhuman.

    I’ll be doing a lot more testing on this tool in the coming weeks. But as of right now, I can say that real-time generation tools like Krea are going to play an important part in our workflow.

    04 / COMMUNITY

    Kickstart Ai Bundle - Save $440

    With so many new folks joining, thought I’d give a quick recap of the Ai training programs I offer to show you how to use Midjourney and other Ai tools both at a bundle price in case you’re ready to jump in.

    I offer two On-Demand courses:

    Midjourney for Design. This 12 module course teaches you everything you need to become fluent in Midjourney for Design.

    Rapid Viz & Sketching with Ai. This 3 module course teaches you how to utilize Midjourney and other Ai tools for low and mid fidelity visualization, critical for design processes.

    For those of you interested in starting down this Ai path, I’ve combined all 15 modules into a bundle with 577 minutes of content that you can take in at your speed and convenience. It’s the result of over a year of focus on how to get Midjourney to work for design professionals. I’m calling it the Kickstart Ai Bundle.

    These two courses are $1425. For the rest of the month, use code KICKSTART24 to get the full bundle for only $985. That’s $440 in savings, or 4 1/2 free modules.

    You’ll get links to the modules right after purchase.

    Lastly, thought I’d share this message that just hit my Linkedin DMs this morning:

    05 / COMMUNITY

    30 Minute Calls

    I continue working on efficiency, so that I can focus on learning Ai tools and meeting new people. One such efficiency is Calendly!

    If you want to talk Ai and design, individual training, or Ai implementation for your organization, you can now schedule a 30 minute chat via my fancy new calendar tool: https://calendly.com/aixc/30min.

    If there are no times that work, feel free to email with a few of your preferred times. Would love to hear from you!

    And as always if you're ready to make that jump into Ai design I'd be honored if you took that jump with me. Feel free to browse here for all of my ai design bundles and courses

    Have a great rest of your work week!

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