Two Advantages Designers Have - AIxC: 35 + Thoughts on Design North Stars and a Footwear Concept Gallery

Two Advantages Designers Have - AIxC: 35 + Thoughts on Design North Stars and a Footwear Concept Gallery

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Welcome to newsletter #35, the first newsletter of 2024. Everyone probably has a lot on their plate, so going to do a short and quick format today.

  • Crystal Ball: Designer Advantage 01 - Wielding Fidelity
  • Crystal Ball: Designer Advantage 02 - Prototyping
  • Strategy: Thoughts on Design North Stars
  • Community: Footwear Concept Gallery


Designer Advantage 01 - Wielding Fidelity

One reason I think designers have an advantage with Ai tools... we excel at varying levels of fidelity, from low to mid-tier, up to photo-realistic.

Other fields are so focused on Ai’s promise of high fidelity, photo-realistic visuals that they're completely ignoring the potential and therefore benefits, of low and mid fidelity Ai work.

In my opinion, this is where the untapped potential is.

This is where we, as designers, can add a ton of value if we leverage our human capabilities (vision, experience, insights, experience) along with Ai's capabilities (speed, fearlessness, depth/breadth of exploration).



Designer Advantage 02 - Prototyping

“When you prototype something and simulate you get much better decisions for the next step”. This quote by Hartmut Esslinger (at :55 in the video) is another reason designers will rise to the top in a sea of empty pixels.

Designers are already experienced in taking lines on a page, or pixels on a screen and turning them into real products via the prototyping process (physical and digital). This will become even more apparent as high-fidelity visuals flood all channels.



Thoughts on Design North Stars

I recently delivered the Rapid Visualization with Ai course. This is an excerpt from Module 01 of that series. See here.



Footwear Explorations

I finished off 2023 the same way I started it, by exploring footwear with Ai. Here are a series of my favorites from last week’s daily explorations!


In Closing

That’s it for today. I look forward to another year of exploring this fascinating intersection between Ai and Design. Thanks for being a part of this with me.

As always, if you ever want to chat about this intersection, I’m always up for a good conversation!


p.s. Don't forget to check out the Rapid Visualization with Ai courses recently released where I explore and guide through the following: 

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