Thoughts on Ai Adoption

Thoughts on Ai Adoption

Ai adoption at an organizational level reminds me of a documentary called Biggest Little Farm.


It follows a couple that is building a farm from the ground up - Apricot Lane Farms here in my neck of the woods. Long story short, it takes a lot of work, expert guidance and most importantly time, to let a new endeavor flourish.

Most organizations are busy. They have client needs, payroll, deadlines and countless other day to day things to be concerned about.

Those demands put a strain on Ai implementation. They create a dynamic where unfair and unrealistic expectations are placed on Ai tools: they need to be better and faster than what we currently use immediately. Effectively, the fruit and vegetables want to be picked before they are ready.

These Ai tools need time to be able to produce results. They need you and your team to be able to dedicate hours to them. To get them towards a place where you see results. Most importantly, for you to better understand where they can be utilized in your workflow.

That comes with time and guidance and the conscious removal of pressures.

It's clearly difficult to do this, but Ai is one of the very few things I'd say is well worth this investment in time and guidance. The potential payoff / stakes are just much too high.

So whether you figure out a way to find the time, work on it during your own personal time outside of an organization, or you bring in external help to guide things, my suggestion is to make a concerted effort to give these new tools time to grow in your mind.

Guaranteed these tools will be part of all of our workflows in the near future. We just need to put the effort into understanding where that is.

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