AIxC Enterprise

Our Story

Our journey was born from an equal dose of fear and wonder with a simple question - how was AI going to affect the business of creativity?

As we immersed ourselves at the intersection of AI and Creativity, we realized this transformative force was going to change everything. We were all in.

Six months later, we started a newsletter that resonated with others.

Nine months in, we launched our first training course.

Today, we're AIxCreative and have helped over a hundred designers and creatives supercharge their abilities via AI education.

Our Core Principles

  1. Humans Are at the Center: At AIxCreative, we firmly believe that AI is a tool to enhance human creativity. We place humans at the center of every endeavor, ensuring that AI empowers, not replaces.

  2. Built for Creatives: Our courses and programs are designed specifically for designers, creatives, and forward-thinking organizations. Drawing from decades of experience in design consulting and business development, we've designed our programs to amplify creativity in a languages we understand.

  3. Demistify Technology: We take complex technology and make it accessible. Our goal is to demystify AI, simplifying it to help you unlock your creative potential with confidence.

Our Founder

I'm Hector Rodriguez, a designer with over two decades in industrial design, brand building, and proactive innovation. My journey as a storyteller, brand steward, and product visionary has led me to a profound belief: exceptional human-centric design, powered by creativity, can bring immense value to consumers and stakeholders alike.

The Journey

My journey began in industrial design, consulting for a diverse range of clients. In my second chapter, I co-founded and led businesses in the bicycle and e-mobility sectors for over 16 years. This journey expanded my horizons beyond the traditional role of a designer, leading me into product strategy, supply chain management, brand strategy, marketing, customer acquisition, finance and the holistic perspective required for successful business operation.

This dual perspective, as both an entrepreneur and design consultant, enriched my skill set, enabling me to navigate the intricacies of product development and understand the broader scope of business building. 

All of these experiences uniquely prepared me for my third chapter at AIxCreative, where I draw from this holistic perspective to help individuals and organizations successfully leverage design with AI.

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